corporate jester ® Actor, Playwright, Trainer and Performer Expert in LAUGHTER THERAPY ® creative energy and vitality booster


About Gianni Ferrario - Profile

Gianni Ferrario is a successful Italian actor, playwright, trainer and performer working with International organizations. In his role as a corporate jester ®, he delivers experiential workshops and energising performances as part of training initiatives, corporate events and conventions.

Gianni, who comes from a managerial background, also collaborates with a variety of institutions, such as theatres, schools, hospitals and other communities to deliver his ‘pills of good humour’ and encourage a positive approach to life.

He has dedicated many years to the teaching and practice of disciplines that promote internal growth, harmony and creativity. In his training applications, Gianni makes use of LAUGHTER THERAPY ® and of other extremely original theatrical techniques as ways of recharging his audiences with energy and vitality, to enhance creativity and improve organisational climate.


His experiential workshops and ‘corporate theatre’ performances combine elements of stage acting and performance with an inner self-awareness process. They are particularly valued by his audiences for their ability to generate involvement and enthusiastic participation.

Gianni has recently published a book about his methodology:

Ridere di Cuore - Il potere terapeutico della risata
(Laughing with all your heart: the therapeutic power of laughter)
Editore Tecniche Nuove – Milan (2006)

He has also contributed chapters about the Corporate Jester methodology to the following Italian publications:

"L'arte della formazione"
(The Art of Training)
Ed. Franco Angeli - Milan (2005)

"Il Teatro al Lavoro - Teorie e tecniche del teatro nel mondo del lavoro"
(Theatre at WorkTheatrical Theories and Techniques applied to work contexts)
Comunicazioni Sociali – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore -  Milan (2006)

"Scuola domani"
(The School of tomorrow) – 
Franco Angeli - Milan (2006)

He has held courses at academic level, collaborating with various institutions: SDA Bocconi School of Management, Università Cattolica in Milan, Verona University, Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa, LIUC (Libera Università Carlo Cattaneo) in Castellanza amongst others. He is currently teaching in the Event Management Master programme at IED in Milan. He regularly delivers experiential technique coaching sessions in the area of STRESS management for the Province of Bolzano.

Gianni has also attended International seminars and workshops delivered by world-class experts and institutions, including the following:

UPW - Unleash the Power Within
with Anthony Robbins - Rimini - September 2011
The principles of success
with Jack Canfield - Vicenza - Febbraio 2011
Self Leadership - Love and Transformation
A series of seminars delivered by Mauro Scardovelli, the founder of the "Aleph PNL Umanistica Integrata" - Camogli (Genova) - 2009
Learning and Change
Delivered by Jon Grinder, one of the founders of NLP - Arezzo, Italy - November 2004
Excellence in Performance
Delivered by Michael Colgrass, an experienced American NLP practitioner - Milan - November 2004
How to generate creative climate in a group
Delivered by Guy Aznar and Isabelle Jacobs, two famous French training experts - Creativity European Association - Sestri Levante, Italy - May 2004
"Problem-solving training" and "The three sources of energy"
Delivered by Hubert Jaoui, one of the main exponents of French creativity movements from the Buffalo School - Milan - March 2005
Laughter course on Hasya Yoga
Delivered by Madan Kataria, an Indian doctor and founder of the International Laughter Club for the diffusion of laughter-based therapy - Milan 2002
Clown Therapy
A series of weekly International seminars delivered by Patch Adams, the famous American doctor who has promoted several successful initiatives for the relief of hospital patients' conditions by using humour and laughter (Locarno, Switzerland - November 2004
Public Speaking and Communication: the use of theatrical techniques
Delivered by Meta NLP - Milan - March 2002
Leadership & Amore
A series of seminars delivered by Alessandro Chelo, the founder of the 'Opera Club' - Milan - April 2004



Gianni Ferrario
Via Vincenzo Monti 41 - 20123 Milano - Italy
Tel. +39 335 5729816

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