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What  people say about Gianni Ferrario

Just a short note to express all our appreciation for your outstanding contribution to the success of our event. You have helped us achieve results that were beyond all our expectations, as testified by the success of your performance and the high degree of involvement of your audience.

I believe this to be the result of your great talent and careful preparation. We were faced with the complex task of offering a moment of relaxation that would also promote positive thinking and receptivity in our group. The additional difficulty of addressing the multicultural component by finding a “lingua franca” that would allow us to reach out to all our participants was also brilliantly overcome. The universal language of laughter, combined with the excellent level of English you used in your performance,  allowed us to achieve all of these goals.

I must confess I was initially a bit sceptical about the impact of using your techniques with a  mixed group of managers, engineers and project managers, whom I had only known in their serious and committed professional roles. I was afraid they might not be prepared to “let their hair down” during your “applications”.
I was therefore very relieved when I witnessed the uproar that met your first intervention as Professor John Ferrer * at the beginning of the first day. In the evening, your choral singing routines offered the participants a very refreshing moment after a long and hard day. Then, the next morning, your “energy recharge” gave everybody the right boost for the second day of our event.  You were also able to create an aura of expectation and curiosity in your audience right from the start: participants from different countries kept enquiring whether you were really a professor, and were all very much looking forward to the next part of your performance.

I would like to thank you for your very professional approach and level of preparation, and for the effort you put into meeting all our requirements. Together with your deep awareness of the organisational context, they have greatly contributed to the positive outcome of an unforgettable international event.

Massimo Barsotti - VP Marketing – EidosMedia, Milan, 21 January 2009
(EIDOS MEDIA is a world leader in the field of software applications for Publishing.)

* Professor John Ferrer is one of  the Corporate Jester’s several  professional “identities”. In this case, he takes up the role of a famous American academic who is an expert in Change Management and an Innovative Thinking guru.


“I would like to thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of our CEE - Central Eastern Europe  Convention on the “Power of Difference” and for putting together such a wonderful and involving performance in the magical setting of Palermo’s Teatro Massimo… . In your role as a Corporate Jester you have been able to create an atmosphere of good mood, involvement, togetherness and enthusiasm. The additional difficulties involved in delivering all this in English and in the very short time that was allocated, have made your contribution even more exceptional and valued by our audiences, who have responded with a very warm collective ovation”.

Stefania Malfanti - International Istitutional Relations - Unicredit Group - Palermo, 27 October 06


“Aldo Fabris” Italian Training Award 2007 – Granted to the “Leadership Competencies Agorà” Project – “Passion for IBM Future”: a Workshop/Performance that was specially designed for IBM Italy. Venue: IBM Italian Headquarters in Segrate, Milan, in video-conferencing connection with IBM Rome Offices – 27 February 2007.

“Your contribution has really helped us obtain this award……  Your participation in the debate and your reflections have greatly contributed to the success of this initiative. We hope this has been for you an interesting opportunity to exchange ideas and has given you new stimuli for your future activities.”

Domenico De Masi – “Work Sociology” Lecturer- La Sapienza University – Rome - S3Studium; Alessandro Motta – Management Development Leader – IBM Italy

(An extract from their letter of acknowledgement dated 22 November 2007)


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